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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Friendship Lesson

The  link that was previously posted no longer works, and since Blogger can't accept PDF Documents, I am going to have to convert my Friendship lesson files into JPEGS and add each page separately.  Oh well,  at least all of you will have access to the lesson and the dropbox links won't expire. 

This is the  friendship lesson that I have spoken about in a prior post.  I have had so many requests for it, I decided to quit sending it individually and now I have posted it on dropbox.   I hope it helps you with your Young Women.

I find it interesting about all Young women, and mind you, I was once one of them.  They need this kind of a lesson and need it during the YW years.  Young Men probably would never have need for this kind of a lesson, but girls... yes they do.  It was a very well received lesson and I think it should be taught every year or at least each year new girls move in, or are old enough for the Young Women program.

Enjoy, and let me know how your lesson went, in the comments section of this post or the one with all the rest of the info on the lesson. (See the lesson pages) ( by the way, I had previously posted about my friendship lesson and the visuals are on another post.  You will just have to scroll down a few, to find the visuals that it is talking about.)   Katie G