I am just getting going with creating some cute things for this new Young Women blog, so have patience with me, and soon I will have almost as many things for you to enjoy as I do on my other two blogs. Keep checking back as I will post my printables, ideas, lesson helps, etc., as soon as I can get the time to do so. Don't worry, I will be keeping up my other two blogs as well at http://visitingteachingtips.blogspot.com/ and http://visitingteachingsurprise.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 General Women's meeting

The General Young Women's meeting will be streamed live at 6:00 pm MDT on Sat, March 29, 2014.  If you cannot attend locally, it will be streamed at this following link: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch?lang=eng  Put up the announcement on Facebook at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1421599138078148/
The link for General Conference is this https://www.lds.org/church/events/watch-april-2014-general-conference?lang=eng

Monday, February 3, 2014

Come, Follow Me: Young Women 2014 E-book and other great LDS.org Resources

Did you know that the Come Follow Me: Young Women is available in E-book format?  It is and you can find it here at this link on LDS.org http://www.lds.org/media-library/ebooks?lang=eng  And just for your information, it comes as a PDF, ePub, Kindle/mobi, and can be accessed at the iTunes Store, and at the Amazon Kindle Store.  On that same page, you can also access the Sunday school, Come, Follow Me. 

I thought that since the Young Women are so actively using their iphones, smart phones, and many of them have E-book readers, they would certainly think their YW leaders were cool, if they were teaching their lessons by electronic means.  This eliminates lots of paperwork.  The church is encouraging all of it's members, whenever and wherever possible, to use their electronic devices  and that cuts down on the cost for the Church in printing lesson manuals, and the money can be sent to help with missionary work instead!  One concern though.... sometimes the youth want to bring their own electronic devices to church.  They are not using them in a way that you would want and do create a distraction in class.  I cannot tell you how many youth I see playing games on their phones, or texting, etc., in Sacrament meeting.  My suggestion during class:  unless you are teaching a lesson where you can have the youth follow along with their scriptures, or look up things on LDS.org, or for some Sunday purpose, have them turn off their phones during class.  They are a huge distraction for youth and their teachers.  In my own ward, the Priest's are now a NO PHONE or Device class, so they can focus on preparing them to serve missions.  It might be something you might want to consider.

Also, if you used your electronics (computer, ipad, phones, etc.) you could also have access to all that LDS.org has available as visual aids, pictures, videos, conference talks and so much more.  You would need to make sure to download your videos, etc., on your electronics, before you teach your lesson on Sunday, because sometimes the church meeting houses has limited bandwidth.   With so many members using their electronics and the bandwidth,  you may not be able to bring it up, which would pretty much frustrate you trying to give a beautiful lesson.  Download it to your computer before you teach, t hen you don't need to worry if you will have your video, or other things for your lesson.  (Some videos are not available to download, because of copyright issues or other rights concerns, so be sure you pick one that is downloadable.)

Did you know that you can use the images found on LDS.org for your personal use, which includes use in your Sunday lessons, handouts, invitations to YW programs and activities, and FHE and such? The key word is for personal use, but that includes church use.  No Commercial use.

Mobile apps: Did you know that there are a bunch of mobile aps available?  Yes there are and there are some that specifically will benefit the youth.  These are OFFICIAL LDS apps, so you should know about these and encourage the youth to get them.  Maybe an activity night might be a good way to teach them about what is available from the church.  Here is the link that will take you to the Mobile App page on LDS.org: http://www.lds.org/pages/mobileapps/apple?lang=eng  Look specifically for the LDS youth app for iPhone and iPod Touch.  There is also the Book of Mormon, Scripture Mastery, LDS Music, Bible Videos, the Ensign, and more.  Be sure to also check out the Mobile Apps for Android as well that can be found here: http://www.lds.org/pages/mobileapps/android?lang=eng

Church Magazines:  All the Church magazines are available online for free now days.  You don't have to purchase a hard copy, though it is nice to have in your home too.  For the Youth, here is the link to the New Era page on LDS.org http://www.lds.org/new-era?lang=eng  You can read the current issues, or all the others in the archives, dating back to 1971.  This is a great resource for not only the youth, but the leaders, for their lessons.

Without going into detail, here are some other really important links to pages that will really help when working with the Young Women, and the Youth as a whole.

Young Women Page on LDS.orghttps://www.lds.org/callings/young-women?lang=eng

Youth Website:  https://www.lds.org/youth/activities?lang=eng

Personal Progress:   https://www.lds.org/young-women/personal-progress?lang=eng

Scriptures:  This link is the link to the Book of Mormon, but you can also get access to all the other scriptures on the column to the left from this page.  https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm?lang=eng
Did you know about the darling scripture stories in video? Bible Videos of the life of Jesus Christ, and if you look under "Video Categories at this link: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video?lang=eng  you can see all the Video Categories, including Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament, Church History, feature films, and sooooo much more!

Well, I think I had better stop now.  I just love LDS.org and I am also currently serving a service mission for LDS.org on the Response Team.  I love this church and love how forward thinking they are in using the most current technology available, and constantly improving upon a great website resource for it's member, and nonmembers alike.  I hope you will visit LDS.org and see what more there is available to you as a leader, teacher, and member of this wonderful church.  Best regards, Katie G.


Friday, January 10, 2014

iPodd Skit for New Beginnings

I have had so many requests for the iPodd skit that my ward did for New Beginnings, and once in time, I had it posted on this blog.  Over time, and two computers, I lost the skit and my dropbox links, but I have now located the skit once again, for you all to enjoy.  I have posted the dropbox link that has the iPodd skit script, back on my post of 2011, and I have other things that we used for that wonderful evening also posted there.  If you want the skit, click HERE, and it will zoom you back to 2011, to that post.  The link is found in that post.  ENJOY!  Katie G.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Young Women Theme Song sheet music



So it is finally here.  The song you have all been waiting for is finally here!  Woo hoo! You can find the link to the video, music, and sheet music at this link, on LDS.org. https://www.lds.org/youth/video/come-unto-christ-2014-theme-song?lang=eng 

It appears there might be a tiny glitch in getting the sheet music PDF though, because I was able to get it using my internet explorer browser, and google chome, but when I brought it up using firefox, half of the notation was missing on each page.  I have reported the error, so hopefully it will be fixed, but in the mean time, use one of the other browsers to get the music.  Heres the link https://www.lds.org/youth/bc/youth/theme/2014/Come-Unto-Christ-Folio.pdf?lang=eng

This poster image from LDS.org which is the Logo for the year can be found here:  https://www.lds.org/youth/bc/youth/theme/2014/PD50051100_000-2014-FSY-Theme-Poster.pdf?lang=eng
I wanted to share with you some ideas that I have for this themeI am sure that none of you know that I am serving as a service missionary for LDS.org's Response Team, but I work from home on my computer, answering the questions, comments, and such that people ask when they are on LDS.org's different pages.  One question came in about the YW theme for 2014, and the question was asked: "Since the walking stick is the logo for this years theme, how did the General YW presidency come up with that logo, and can you give any detail about it?"  Well, this was one question that I was not able to answer, because thought we as response team members do our best to answer every question that comes in, we are not able to contact General Authorities, or any Church leaders.  So, I got my mind going and felt I was inspired to suggest some unofficial meanings of the shepherds crook for that young women leader.  Please remember, these are just my ideas and are totally unofficial, but great ideas.  You will be inspired to come up with many others of your own.

Significance of a shepherds crook

"I can give you an educated guess, nothing official, but once again it is a guess, and idea that you have probably had as well.  Our church uses lots of symbolism, and this object has a lot of symbolism attached to it.   A Walking stick as you call it, is actually called a shepherds crook, which allows the shepherd to reach out and draw a sheep to him with the crook.  This is symbolic of a shepherd, and as you know, another name for Jesus Christ, is the good shepherd.  The scripture taken from Moroni 10:32 says in the first three words, "Come unto Christ."  You could use another term... "draw near unto me," which once again, is how a shepherd uses his crook to draw near, a sheep to him.  I would also think that a shepherd would use his walking stick or crook as a weapon, against predictors who came to try to steal or kill one of his lambs.  It was a protection for not only the shepherd but for his sheep.

This may be a stretch, but shepherds are known as lowly and humble people.  Jesus Christ came to earth in the most humble of circumstances, and who were the first to witness His birth? None other than the humble shepherds, whose birth was heralded by an Angel, sent from God.  God chose humble servants to witness the most wonderful event that has ever happened in history.  We too must be humble like the Shepherds, in order to draw near to, and Come unto Christ.  We are told that we must become as a little child in order to enter into the kingdom of God, and humility is another symbol that I believe is connected with the shepherd and his crook. 

I think that a shepherds crook is symbolic in other ways such as in Biblical times, you would see leaders like Moses, and others with a stick in their hands.  If you think literally of a walking stick, you would understand that they were literally used to help them walk down the unpaved, and bumpy dirt paths, which could be another way to draw symbolism into an object. (leadership - Jesus is our exemplar/leader) I could go on and on, but I am sure you can too, and come up with many way to tie in the shepherds crook. as I can.

Another thing that I thought about since we have just celebrated Christmas, the candy cane is also a symbol of the shepherds crook, and when you turn the candy cane upside down, it forms the letter J for Jesus.  (You might want to stock up on the after Christmas sales candy canes for using them throughout the year as symbols of the shepherds crook.

Have fun with this theme as well as a great time with the Young Women. Your calling is a fun and very rewarding one.  You will be blessed for your efforts as well as your YW will be so blessed for having you as their teacher and leader."

Monday, March 11, 2013

YMYW Links

Understanding that I am no longer working in the Young  Women's program now, though when I do find some great ideas, i want to share....I just found the best links to some really great YMYW activities and I had to share.  Guess where I happened on them???? PINTEREST of all places. I hope this helps give you some great ideas!

Iron Chef Competition (Combined activity)

March Maddness (Combined Activity)

Circus Carnival (this one is actually made for a Kids Birthday Party, but could be made for a fun joint activity and the games and things could be made by the kids and played by the kids.

Lots of Activities (This one has lots of ideas of things that can be done.  Some of them are for Relief Society but others can be for YMYW)

The Iron Rod (This was done for Relief Society but would be wonderful for YW too!)

Pinterest IDEAS (Lots of great ideas of fun things to do and make for YW right on pinterest!)
http://pinterest.com/kaybanks/lds-young-women/ and yet another YW link here for great ideas found on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/tuckhouse/yw-ideas/

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Service Contest

"...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40

I am gathering stories to include in my book that will focus on “Christ like Service”. If you would like to participate in this wonderful contest opportunity, please email me with your stories of Christ like service that:
1. Has been given to you
2. Has been given to someone you know
3. You have observed
4. You have been a part of
5. Or that has been a group project

Here are the details:

· Stories should be no longer than 800 - 1000 words. (If you must go longer, be sure to total up the word count and submit it along with your story.)

· Provide as much story detail as possible, helping those who will eventually be reading to have their own hearts touched by your experience.

· You may include names of those involved in this service, or you may request for them to remain anonymous, in which case you can change the names or I will.

· The stories MUST BE TRUE, and have actually happened. (document with dates that your story happened if possible)

· Stories can be in the past, or present, and you can go way back to your ancestors if you wish, however your stories must not have ever been published before in a book, magazine, or periodical of any sort.

· Stories can be shared about being neighborly, aiding the sick or infirm, providing meals, groceries or other needs for someone, kind acts, service that were passed on, helping a friend, lifting spirits of someone through kindness, or just about any other kind of service you can think of. Whatever comes to your mind, that you feel is worthy of sharing, please do.

· If you have photos of the service given, please include them. If you did not take photos at the time and could take some after the fact, please include those as well. Attach photos to the email.

Please be sure to include on your story and email the following:

· Your full name
· Your complete mailing address & zip code
· Email address
· Phone number (in case I need to contact you for further information about your submission)
On the Subject line of your email type in: "Service Contest"
FYI: I will not give out your name, address, phone, etc., to anyone, but I will need it if I need to contact you about including your story in my book, as well as sending you a release and permissions form to use your story and or photos. I will also need your address so I can mail you a copy of the book if I include your story. No one but me will have access to your information.

All those whose stories are selected for use in my book will win a free copy of the book when it is completed and published. Your name will also be included as the contributor, and possibly a photo, so you too will be famous and published. (As you know this may take up to a year or longer, so if your story is selected, please be patient remembering it takes time.) If your story is selected, you will be contacted by me within 6 months.)

These stories do not have to be LDS oriented only, but the book market will focus on Christian readership.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in this wonderful project and contest which will run until midnight, April 1, 2013 . I would like entrants worldwide, and this is why I am announcing it on my blog. I have lots of blog readers from everywhere in the world, and hope to receive email submissions from most of you. Please pass on the link to this contest to your friends and family, or any who you know has a story to tell.

I look forward to your emails, and I wish you the best of luck, as well as enjoyment while you sort through your memory for stories of Christlike Service.

Best regards,

Kathleen Gauger

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm A Mormon, I know it, I love it, I live it!

I loved sister Dibb's talk and story she told today in General Conference about the young woman she met from Colorado who wore a T shirt that told that she was a Mormon.  Sister Dibb then put some thought into what she would want to put on her own T shirt and she came up with this:
"I'm a Mormon, I know it, I love it, I live it".  This should be the theme of every young woman, young man, and pray that they feel this way about being a member of our church.  Stand tall, be strong, and boldly proclaim that indeed you are a Momron, and don't be afraid to share your testimony showing the love of the gospel. Follow up with living your lives so that others will know you live it too!
I created this free poster for each Young Woman to frame and put in her room that reminds her of who she is.

These bookmarks are to share with friends.  Print on white cardstock.

Much Love,
Katie Gauger
P.S.  It is set up to print 8.5 x 11.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

YW Girls Camp - On the Sea of Galilee

My ward YW went to camp this past week, and it was quite an amazing experience.  Our leaders are wonderful and they did everything they could to make the experience fun as well as very spiritual and educational.  The focus was on the miracles of Jesus Christ on the Sea of Galilee. 

We went to Bear Lake (Utah) which surprisenly enough really resembled the lay of the land and the look of the Sea of Galilee.  They were told the stories of Christ, Walking on the water, Calming the storm, Fishers of men, and others.  They were taken to a look out point that overlooked the lake and told all about Galilee, and the Bishop shared some of his testimony there.  They had a day where their food was the kinds of things that they ate at that time, such as humus, olives, flatbread, and more.  Their YW President had been to the Holy lands and had a lot of pictures as well as clothing that she showed them. 

One of the activities were that the girls made their own oil lamps out of salt dough clay mixed with cocoa, so that when it dried, the lamps resembled clay lamps.  It took several days for the lamps to dry, so they let them dry in the sun for several days.  The last day, which they sat around the campfire and had a testimony meeting, the girls got to put oil in their lamps, and enjoy them, until they started to burn the salt dough.  The YW President had a picture of the 10 Virgins and read to the girls while they were making their lamps, about each of the 10 Virgins.  You can find the reading here: http://gaylaprince.com/the-ten-virgins/ The girls also made some tiny pottery and such out of the salt dough and really enjoyed it.

They got to go on a boat ride out in the sea of Galilee ( Bear Lake) and I am guessing that they were told about the story of the walking on the water, or the fishers of men. (I wasn't with them at this time)

They had a tent pitched that resembled a tent that could be seen in the dessert, with a satan rug on the floor (Satan comvorter).

Of course they did all the certification that was needed, and they had dutch oven cooking for dinner every night by the husband of the YW President.  These two were such great examples of what a married couple should be like, complementing each other, putting the other's needs first, helping each other, and smiling all the time.  Girls need these kinds of influences.  He was one of the two Priesthood holders at camp.

The Camp leader did a marvelous job and had great crafts and things for the girls to do. A couple of the things were that they made necklaces out of a tiny corked jar (very small) and they put sand from the sea of Galilee, to remind them of their Galilean Camping experience.  Another craft was that they made these flowers out of fabric rounds, to decorate their flip flops that they wore at camp.  They made braclets out of embroidery floss, and other things, that were meaningful to the girls.

I Found a link to sugardoodle that has more on this Girls Camp theme. http://www.sugardoodle.net/Ten%20Virgins/index.shtml

Monday, June 4, 2012

iPod Skit for New Beginnings

​I finally found the iPodd Skit for YW new Beginnings and I am giving you the drop box link to have access to it.  I will also be posting the link on my blog.

Enjoy and Best regards,
Katie Gauger

Young Women's Girls Camp

I had a woman email me and ask for ideas I had about a talk that she is giving to the YW at Girls camp this summer.  She needed ideas, and of course I am full of them, so first I came up with an idea, and then as I thought about it more, I came up with some others.  I thought since so many others will be looking for ideas for their Girls camp that I would post them for you.  Please read on:

The YW Values are what make a Young Woman.  Maybe you could draw a silhouette of a Young Woman in Black, and divide it up into sections that would represent each YW value.  (Sort of like puzzle pieces)  You could talk about a particular value and place it up on a board, or wall or some kind of background that you could find at camp.... maybe a poster board.  By the time you have talked about the each of the values, each of the puzzle pieces would be in place and the girls would see what you were making with them. ( A YOUNG WOMAN)  They would see that it is these Values that make a Young Woman, and maybe you could go into the Value of a Young woman, more precious than gold!  Somehow you could tie it into the theme that they are having at Camp, or not, but as a little handout, you could maybe, get some pieces of chocolate gold coins and place in an organza bag with a draw string. Or talk about how much Heavenly Father loves his daughters and even so much that he stands in wait for them to open the door to Him, like the picture of Jesus at the door, with no door knob on his side. 

That picture you could find at Deseret book and maybe that would be a better hand out.  Another thought that just came into my mind is gold leafing, and perhaps you could do a gold leafed picture of Jesus.  You get a transparency copy of Jesus made at Kinko’s, and then spray glue, then place bits of gold leaf on the glue side.  You could make a lot of these if you did them in a tiny size like $ store tiny small frame.  Or you could just copy these, and put in a tiny frame…

When I looked up the 2012 YW Theme, I realized all my additional thoughts and ideas centered around that theme of "Arise and Shine Forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations". So I thought of more ideas and they center around "Light" and the scripture that popped into my mind was found in Matthew 5:14-16

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
 16 Let your light  so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
This scripture goes so well with the YW theme, and has so many applications.  I can see you talking about the light that radiates from a virtuous  young woman, one that shows in her countenance so much that others can see it.  She is different from the world, and shines forth. (There are many stories that talk about the fact that LDS look different, something about them that makes them stand out)
You could put a glowstick on a piece of yarn or twine, with this scripture attached to it and hand them out for the girls to "light their way, or light the path, or remind them that their light shines so brightly it cannot be hid, and to use her light for good".

A song comes to mind also, that I remember years ago when my daughter went to camp.  The words are based on the scripture I just mentioned from Matthew and it goes like this....
Vrs. 1
This little gospel light of mine, I'm going to let it shine
This little gospel light of mine, I'm going to let it shine
This little gospel light of mine, I'm going to let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Everywhere I go for sure I'm going to let it shine,
Everywhere I go for sure I'm going to let it shine,
Everywhere I go for sure I'm going to let it shine,
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Hide it under a bushel, oh no, I'm going to let it shine,
Hide it under a bushel, oh no, I'm going to let it shine,
Hide it under a bushel, oh no, I'm going to let it shine,
Let it shine all the time, let it shine. 

Jesus gave me the light for sure, I'm going to let it shine,
Jesus gave me the light for sure, I'm going to let it shine,
Jesus gave me the light for sure, I'm going to let it shine,
 Let it shine all the time, let it shine.

Don't let Satan blow it out, I'm going to let it shine,
Don't let Satan blow it out, I'm going to let it shine,
Don't let Satan blow it out, I'm going to let it shine,
Let it shine, all the time, let it shine!

I have looked up the sheet music for this song, but they are all different from the tune that I have learned, so if you think you want to use it, you will have to call me and I can sing it to you.  The melody for each verse is the very same and it is very catchy tune.

Another thing I was thinking was that if you are going to Camp in July, then "Fireworks" come to mind, because of the two different holidays... 4th of July and 24th for Pioneer day in Utah.  I am sure that you could not do fireworks at camp but maybe a sparkler??? To tie it into the "Light" theme, you could use some quotes like...
"Fire works are a huge display contained in a very small package, but their beauty can't be put on display until a flicker or flame or spark would ignite them. Once they are lit, there is no stopping them and their beauty bursts forth and creates awe and joy!  Like fireworks, we need to ignite our gospel light and keep it burning throughout our lives to become the glorious display that our Heavenly Father had intended us to be as His daughters and Young Women.  Our example can "spark" interest in others as we go about living the Young women standards.  We will have many opportunities throughout our lives to share that light we have within us and who knows when we will touch off a spark in someone elses life and get their light buring brighter through the Gospel of Jesus Christ".


Monday, May 7, 2012

My Friendship Lesson

The  link that was previously posted no longer works, and since Blogger can't accept PDF Documents, I am going to have to convert my Friendship lesson files into JPEGS and add each page separately.  Oh well,  at least all of you will have access to the lesson and the dropbox links won't expire. 

This is the  friendship lesson that I have spoken about in a prior post.  I have had so many requests for it, I decided to quit sending it individually and now I have posted it on dropbox.   I hope it helps you with your Young Women.

I find it interesting about all Young women, and mind you, I was once one of them.  They need this kind of a lesson and need it during the YW years.  Young Men probably would never have need for this kind of a lesson, but girls... yes they do.  It was a very well received lesson and I think it should be taught every year or at least each year new girls move in, or are old enough for the Young Women program.

Enjoy, and let me know how your lesson went, in the comments section of this post or the one with all the rest of the info on the lesson. (See the lesson pages) ( by the way, I had previously posted about my friendship lesson and the visuals are on another post.  You will just have to scroll down a few, to find the visuals that it is talking about.)   Katie G

Friday, July 15, 2011

Young Women Blogs

It was either last year or the year prior, that on LDS.org, the Relief Society had a great suggestion on their website.  They suggested that the women do some service and then blog about it.  There are several great places to visit to learn more about blogging and here they are:

I am giving a lesson on Family history blogging, but Blogging in general is a great way for Young Women to blog about their lives.  They can add photos, and actually write their history through this journaling.  Then they can print it off and keep it and treasure it.  Blogging is like journaling and it can be made private or you can invite only those you want to view your blog, or you can have it open for the whole world to see.  I would suggest a private blog so that those things that they write in anger or whatever, can be erased and no one will know.

Creating a blog is fun, very easy, and doesn't have to cost anything if you use blogger or other free blog hosting. 

LDSJournal.com is also a great place to keep a personal journal. I am in the process of preparing my lesson so I will quit for now, but I will come back and expound on this idea.

Enjoy!  Katie G.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Young Women lesson on Friends/Friendship

Here is the link to this lesson, and I hope it works for you!https://dl.dropbox.com/u/57771560/Katie%27s%20Friendship%20lesson/The%20key%20to%20friendshisp%20%20is%20to%20try%20to%20be%20like%20Jesus.docx

I have finally finnished what I think ended up being a great lesson on Friends. Our ward is going through the topics of the For the Strength of Youth booklet, and it is my turn to teach. I do have a great lesson but I have no idea how to turn it into a format compatible to put on this post.

The lesson is actually being called... the Key to Friendship. I will attach my printables and images I will be using.

The lesson in a nutshell is that the Key to Friendship is to be as Jesus Christ. We will focus on the song "I'm trying to be Like Jesus" sung by the MoTab choir and there is a beautiful slide presentation that I found with lots of different images of Jesus during his birth and ministry. I am selecting a few stories about Jesus that demonstrate friendship such as the Paralytic who was lowered through the roof, to get to Jesus, by his friends.... The story of the woman caught in sin and Jesus not judging her, and the story of Jesus walking on water, and lifting up Peter, his friend and disciple when his faith had faultered, and so forth. I believe it turned out great.

I have a bronze jewelry tree, that I have hanging on the branches, antique skeleton looking keys tied on a ribbon. Attached to the key is also a tag with the image of Jesus, and the backside of the tag has the words printed at an angle "I am trying to be like Jesus", looking like a watermark. (I have included this tag) That will be the handout along with a printable that I also created and will include on this post. Feel free to use them in your lessons as well. Enjoy! Katie G.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Value Colors Printables

I finally got all the rest of the YW Values Colors Papers finnished for using as a certificate, or other project that you might have in mind.  Scroll down a couple posts to see them.  I hope that you enjoy them for now and years to come.  You can click on this link to take you right there if you like.  http://ldsyoungwomentips.blogspot.com/2011/03/young-women-value-certificates.html
Enjoy! Katie G.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Value your Personal Progress tags

I created these little tags to go with the cute little table favor that I am making for the Young Women and their mothers at our "Personal Progress Tea".  Yikes.... did I say the word tea?  Yep, FYI a tea is an occasion, not a drink, as our new Young Women president so aptly stated. (We will not be having tea of any kind, remember it is an occasion, but what we will be haivng is crumpets, Lemon Curd, cream, and fruit.

Anyway, back to the favor....I found these cute little plastic cups, that are small and clear, at the dollar store.  I am filling them with skittles, because they have a rainbow of colors and that is what I am after...... Value colors.  In the wedding cake decorating section of Walmart, I found tiny bags just the right size to wrap these little skittle cups in and I am tying it off with ribbon.  I am attaching these tags to the ribbon.  They will look very cute and the message to the girls isn't just to eat skittles, which by the way are very yummy, but the value colors are represented, and valuing your own personal progress is what all the girls need to focus on.

We have invited the Moms to come to this tea, so that they can really understand their part in encouraging their daughters to value this wonderful program.  It will be a fun evening and an evening of value and worth.  It will also give our new Young Women presidency the opportunity to meet the moms and let them see and feel our spirits and personalities. 

Anyway, I thought I would post this and let you use this in this way or in any other way that you would like as whatever we do in Young Womens, impacts the girls.  This will be for the good and their benefit, and hopefully it will get them thinking alittle deaper than the first glance.  Enjoy, Katie G.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Young Women's Anthem 2011 "Guardians of Virtue"

Are you aware of the beautiful song "Guardians of Virtue" that is the Young Women Anthem for this year?  It is just beautiful.  I have inserted below this post, the video of this beautiful song.  You can have access to the sheet music in PDF here: https://lds.org/youth/video/guardians-of-virtue?lang=eng
or directly here: https://lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/english/pdf/youth/guardians-of-virtue-sheet-music.pdf
I am teaching this song to the Young Women to sing, at girls camp as well as in Sacrament Meeting when they return from Girls camp.  Here is what I am doing.

This song begins with a solo voice singing, but I am using 2 solo voices.  The rest of the YW and leaders will come in at the top of page 3 "We find joy in living what we know".  Everyone will sing in unison to the end of the song however, at the very end the last line will be sung in unison only by the two soloists.  I am writing in an alto part for the soloists to sing at another point in the song, just to give it a little variety and more impact.  If I get around to it, I will also try to pick out the notes that the violinist plays an obbligato in the MP3 recording.  It will be really pretty when we sing it.

Enjoy!  Katie G.

Guardians of virtue: Young Women song

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Card for Young Women

I went to a store here in Utah that has these sugar eggs, that have a cute little scene inside of them.  Anyway, for a case of 6 dozen of them, it was only $3.  I was looking for things for an Easter Egg hunt for my grandchildren.  Well my grandchildren are taken care of and so I had two dozen left, and thought I would let the Young Women I work with in my ward, know how I feel about them.  So... here is a card that I drew up and you can feel free to use it if you like. 
I left the inside blank so that you could write a little note to the Young Women and personalize it for them.  Enjoy!  Katie G.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Temples Lesson idea

One of my readers (Berg) has a blog that gives a wonderful idea about a lesson she gave about the temple.  Here is her blogpost and idea http://gardenberger.blogspot.com/2011/03/super-service.html Remember the story about when all the women sacrificed of themselves to build the temple by donating their china to be crushed up and put into the walls of the temple to glisten?  She took that story and gave each girl a piece of china and put a temple message on the back of it, with the story.  I thought that was a great idea.

Now... you may be thinking... that would be very expensive!  Actually not.... if you go down to DI, or other 2nd hand store and buy it there.  I have seen whole sets of china that people have given away, in perfectly good condition.  Ross and TJ Maxx also have china tea plates in sets from time to time, for a very reasonable price, so you can look at stores like these. 

Sometimes $1 stores have the plate stands, so you could check there too if you wanted to give a plate stand as well.

Great idea especially I am sure that at least once a year, a YW lesson will be included on the temple.

Enjoy, Katie G.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Young Women Value Certificates

 I am in the process of designing some cute YW Values Certificates or pages, that leaders can use as they wish.  I was prompted to create some because my own ward did such a cute thing... let me explain.  I had surgery last week, and that following Wednesday, the YW and leaders came over to my home and presented me the "Knowledge award".  I was really touched.  They had gotten together the day before an baked and iced plates of Sugar cookies the colors of the different values.  Knowledge was Green, so my cookies had green icing.  Anyway, they took around cookies to many different women in the ward who represented to the Young Women, examples of all the different values.  I personally loved it!

Anyway... I thought that this was a great idea to do, and thought of so many other applications for a blank certificate in each of the value colors.  So, I am starting to design these, and  I will make them blank for you to fill in the purpose you wish to use it for.  Keep checking back because each of them take several hours to create, and I think it will take me several days.  ENJOY!!  Katie G.