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Friday, March 4, 2011

ipodd (Individual Progress of Divine Daughters) New Beginnings

This ipod image I drew up was blown up large
enough to have the different aps, pasted to the
screen.  The aps are explained in the skit.

This past month my wards YW had their New beginnings program.  The girls did such a great job of planning and carrying it out.  They wanted something unique and together they created a skit that the setting was an iPODD store, and three of the girls were employees.  They had three others who were customers and they proceeded with the skit. 
I am YW secretary and I had created the iPodd Owners Manuel that the girls referred to throughout the skit that explained different things.  (I will insert in this post, the many pages of the owners Manuel if you want to use them in your ward or stake)

It was very cleaver and turned out cute.  The props were very simple and mimicked the iPod design, though the silhouettes were the Young Women int he different value colors, and then black head phones were attached to the silhouettes. (see silhouette photo)

So the pages aren't in the correct order, but you will be able to see when you print them the order that they will go, as these are in print order, for front and backside of each sheet of paper.  The cover doesn't have anything printed on the opposite side of it, but all the rest do.
Now for the Script:
I have had so many requests for this script, and did have at one time the dropbox link to it.  With changing of computers, that dropbox link faded off into the sunset.  HOWEVER, today I was finally able to locate that script again, and here is a new dropbox link to it.  You will have to personalize it like we did, but at least you can know how the actual skit was presented.  By the way, it was really cute and the girls loved doing it !

Enjoy and Best regards,
Katie Gauger


  1. do you have this avaiable for download? suds_b@hotmail.com

  2. Is the script posted somewhere else??

  3. will you email me the script. I would love to read it as our NB is coming up. Thanks. kmttjudy at hotmail dot com

  4. Love this idea. Can you e-mail me a copy of the script for our NB?

  5. I would really love a copy of the script for NB 2013. How can I get a copy? I don't feel comfortable leaving my email address or phone number here. Please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Cool Idea. We are doing it in our ward too. Can you send a PDF version of the graphics above? That would be much higher quality so it wouldn't be blurry for our girls. I would love to have the script if you don't have a PDF version.

    FYI, you can post a free PDF here: http://www.4shared.com/

    My email address is gurudesignllc@gmail.com

  7. Cute Idea! Do you have a copy of the script? my email is kjhaskins@comcast.net

  8. I love the concept what a great night. Im not sure if you have received it or if it is located on the blog somewhere else but if you do still have it and woukd share my email is flyinhawaiian@Bellsouth.net thank you

  9. can you please send me the script. I would love to share this idea. Very cute idea. b5hotrods@q.com

  10. could you email me the pdf or word version? It's a FANTASTIC idea and I think the girls in my ward would love it! My email is britparke@yahoo.com.

  11. I am sure you are sick of getting requests, but I love this idea and would love to see the script for the skit. The link to the skit on the main blog page doesn't work. Could you email me the script and PDF of the booklet if you have it at brigandtarab@gmail.com Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Hi, very clever I loved this idea. Like so many others, I wondered if you could email dkpilling@gmail.com so that I may have a copy of the booklet and skit.
    Thanks so much

  13. I printed off the pictures above for the booklet and realized that there is no page 4 and two page 6's. Do you have a copy on your computer that has the page 4 on the right page instead of two page 6's? Thanks a bunch! This is such an amazing concept!

  14. This is awesome! Thank you so much!
    Could you please mail me the complete booklet and script?

  15. Hi, love this idea. Just wondering if you could send me page 4 as you have 2 page 6's. Also the page that is missing page 4. Where page 7 is at the moment that should be where page 4 sits and 7 needs to move over to the other side.
    Also would love a copy of the script.
    Thanks :-)

  16. The drop box link comes up as an error. Would you mind emailing me the script? This looks really cute!
    Thanks khamblin46@gmail.com