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Friday, July 15, 2011

Young Women Blogs

It was either last year or the year prior, that on LDS.org, the Relief Society had a great suggestion on their website.  They suggested that the women do some service and then blog about it.  There are several great places to visit to learn more about blogging and here they are:

I am giving a lesson on Family history blogging, but Blogging in general is a great way for Young Women to blog about their lives.  They can add photos, and actually write their history through this journaling.  Then they can print it off and keep it and treasure it.  Blogging is like journaling and it can be made private or you can invite only those you want to view your blog, or you can have it open for the whole world to see.  I would suggest a private blog so that those things that they write in anger or whatever, can be erased and no one will know.

Creating a blog is fun, very easy, and doesn't have to cost anything if you use blogger or other free blog hosting. 

LDSJournal.com is also a great place to keep a personal journal. I am in the process of preparing my lesson so I will quit for now, but I will come back and expound on this idea.

Enjoy!  Katie G.

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