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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Value your Personal Progress tags

I created these little tags to go with the cute little table favor that I am making for the Young Women and their mothers at our "Personal Progress Tea".  Yikes.... did I say the word tea?  Yep, FYI a tea is an occasion, not a drink, as our new Young Women president so aptly stated. (We will not be having tea of any kind, remember it is an occasion, but what we will be haivng is crumpets, Lemon Curd, cream, and fruit.

Anyway, back to the favor....I found these cute little plastic cups, that are small and clear, at the dollar store.  I am filling them with skittles, because they have a rainbow of colors and that is what I am after...... Value colors.  In the wedding cake decorating section of Walmart, I found tiny bags just the right size to wrap these little skittle cups in and I am tying it off with ribbon.  I am attaching these tags to the ribbon.  They will look very cute and the message to the girls isn't just to eat skittles, which by the way are very yummy, but the value colors are represented, and valuing your own personal progress is what all the girls need to focus on.

We have invited the Moms to come to this tea, so that they can really understand their part in encouraging their daughters to value this wonderful program.  It will be a fun evening and an evening of value and worth.  It will also give our new Young Women presidency the opportunity to meet the moms and let them see and feel our spirits and personalities. 

Anyway, I thought I would post this and let you use this in this way or in any other way that you would like as whatever we do in Young Womens, impacts the girls.  This will be for the good and their benefit, and hopefully it will get them thinking alittle deaper than the first glance.  Enjoy, Katie G.

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  1. Hi there!

    I know this was posted way long ago, but I was wondering how it went and if it improved the girls' desire to do Personal Progress more. Also wondering how you presented Personal Progress at the tea. Trying to get ideas to help our Young Women get more excited and inspired by the program, and this sounds like fun.